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Life journey that creates a visual story

Since arriving on the scene in 2015, Anja Predojevic has worked to capture and intrigue her surroundings. She gathers much of her inspiration from personal tales, the environment and cultures she experience around the world.


Anja Predojevic was born and raised in Serbia. She came to London in 2008 to study english and she finished her BA in Arts in 2014. Being raised in Serbia definitely impact Anja on who she is today. Growing up through two wars left deep mark in her opinions about politics and life in general.


Anja encapsulates the young energy of a new generation inspired by the world around them but not undermined by it. Her art reflects this tendency to accept the turpitudes of the state of the world while making the choice of remaining positive. Her recent work evokes this rejection of the political realm for a rawer state of nature. Through her abstract, colorful paintings, Anja is making an appeal to bring us back to our deep good nature and forget the flaws that culture induces in every single one of us.

Her paintings are compositions of colours and movements that portrays the excitement and novelty of her experiences. Some of her paintings are created from the interrelated relationship between her memories and reality. She paints in order to represent unconsciousness and dreams rather than reason.

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